Intrigued by the darker perspective. My short observations from the mind and soul bare my fascination with the darkly unique.

Piece Of Me

Here I am taking a chance  on myself once again. I have never shared music before in this arena, but in thinking about my past and the things I miss and the things I never wish to see again, I am compelled to share a song that really captures both in a very dramatic way. The band Savatage has been an inspiration to me for years and this is MY song as it says so much about me.  I hope my written wo

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Blue Moon’s Secret (An Epiphany)

Blue Moon’s Secret (An Epiphany)


The silence of the night is deafening As I find myself reaching for a dream Quietude voices its harsh displeasure As a whisper hidden within a scream I lay here gazing at the beauty above While it illuminates the midnight sky Full and round and without question Emotion conveyed in single tear I cry


The solitude of existence confounds As time slows to keep us pondering Meaning of life may…

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Colorful Words


colorful-word-art-aerial-text Words to me exist as a source of inspiration A soothing balm to my often troubled mind I enjoy the creative challenge of storytelling By written word metered in rhythmic rhyme Sometimes I hit my mark, others not so much But the quest to continue the learning process Finding new and different ways to say one thing Is what keeps me striving to improve my lines


The words I choose to load my…

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I so anxiously anticipate her every arrival Once again she has returned to my sensibility To haunt my nights and fever my dreams Holding me captive under her wicked spell An exquisitely mysterious spectral being Casting shadows upon my weary mind Replacing sunlight with her dreary grays She keeps them in abundance just for me I watch her spin and twirl under gloomy sky As if a ballerina…

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Life Sentence


Miracle of birth as the clock begins to tick Every breath leaves us one less until our last Sands of time sifting through hourglass existence Shifting, drifting, casting future into past Unknown end meets definitive continuance As survival happens without clue to duration Living in uncertainty, traveling hand in hand Without knowledge of each date of expiration


Unpredictable end should…

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Forever Young


You are you, and I am me How old you ask… Would I be?


I would have wisdom of the ages Protecting me From me I would have youth brimming over So plain to see Accompany me


I would know the dangerous things This time around Staying clear and free I would do the things I missed Things escaping childhood Reality


I would right the wrongs I wronged before So spectacularly I would…

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The Rock


Standing alone on this ancient hallowed ground I’ve watched the tides and absorbed the rain I have been the calm and steady presence Strength and inspiration to those in dire pain Steady as she goes, and nothing seems amiss Not visible is the landslide building from below Sturdy in appearance could all be stark illusion As monuments position shifts from its plateau Years of holding strong in…

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Desires Deliverance

Seascape Escape



Desperate to escape a tumultuous sea Desire runs deep yet needs a reprieve Reaching for freedom, beauty ascends As passion climbs too high to perceive Vision of oceanic allure graces the sky Leaving the turmoil of tides far behind Gentle eyes gaze upon clouds up above Pressures of the depths quickly unwind Miracles above the surface proceed to unfold Carried higher by promise of a heart…

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